Full pass holders:  Choose a 4.5-hour taster track to do Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

Something unique about Atlantic Swing Festival is the chance for everyone to express themselves on stage!  Choose your theme, work with your “theme mates” and perform together on Sunday night!

The tasters will take place 1.5 hours each day: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  It’s all included in the full pass. You decide which theme you want to explore in those three classes.  Tracks have a minimum level requirement so please read and respect that!  You can only choose one theme, so think hard before you sign up! Sign ups will be up soon in the “Box Office” here on the site!  On Sunday night you’ll be presenting your hard effort in a choreography during our Dance is Life show!

Non-routine Tasters

You might prefer tasters that aren’t routines.  Sep & Alexia will teach one taster each day with different themes.  All tasters can be done separately, but it’s nicer to do all of them, like one package, as they build on each other.

FRIDAY:  Aurélien & Alexia • Singing the rhythm

A class, where you’ll use singing to control, define rhythm. You’ll use it to create new rhythms, or sugar coat existing melodies. With that technique you’ll dance rhythm orientated movement.  Or the opposite: define the rhythms of your movement better.
SATURDAY:  Aurélien & Alexia • Syncopate your dancing

Syncopation, what? How can we use more syncopated rhythms in our dance. To be in time, to hang, or push it. An easy approach to get to swing and syncopate your rhythms, steps and movement.
SUNDAY:  Aurélien & Alexia • Call & Response

You’ll explore different exchange techniques and games. They can be move based, but focused on rhythm. It’s like taking the essence out of the two previous classes, and putting them into dancing practice. All classes can be attended separately. But IT’s a perfect match at the same time.


Show Off with Joy

You will learn a fun Solo routine Mama Stew which will lead into “totally unprepared” jam. During the rest of the class you will work on your Jam entrance. Martynas and Egle will help you to come up with something exciting to wow everyone watching you.

Teachers: Martynas Stonys & Egle Regelskis
Requirements: Level = Beg-Intermediate and above | Partner welcome but not required

The Jazz Alphabet

A beginners routine with all the classic vernacular steps!  If you’ve been wanting to get your jazz vocabulary together, this is the taster for you!  Fatima will give you a routine that is essentially a dictionary of steps that a beginner should know.

Teacher: Fatima Teffahi
Requirements: Level = Beginner Solo Jazz dancer

Storytelling through Dance

The focus of this track will be the theatrical side of dance – exploring how to tell a story through your dance.  In some way this a tribute to the non-dancingdancers” like Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton.  Inspiration for dance can come from many places, and acting is a big influence on how to create your movement and your presence on stage.  Imagine creating a scene on stage with normal people, and something happens that puts everyone in motion, all taking on their own persona and telling a story by the way they move through the scene and connect with the others around them.  Joyss bases much of his dancing on this idea of telling a story.  According to him, “dramatising is a pretext to dance.  From the story we dance.  I don’t want to just give them a routine but an experience of what I believe we dance for.”

Teacher: JoYsS
Requirements: Level = Intermediate to Advanced Solo Jazz dancers

Slapstick Lindy Hop

A fun-filled taster where dance becomes the means of expressing humour and silliness.  Don’t take yourself so seriously.  Come express the comedy that is life through movement!

Teachers: Nicolas Deniau & Mikaela Hellsten
Requirements: All levels of Lindy Hop welcome | Must sign up with a partner

Baa Baa Black Sheep or Groundhog Day

Choreography inspired by the genius of Wynton Marsalis and his orchestra. Melodic, jazzy, exciting, storytelling and eccentric. It’s middle tempo but the challenge is in musicality and the feel.  You will sing and learn melodies and solos to learn choreography. A lot of attention will be paid to movement volumes and quality.   Ksenia will send music to the registered group before the weekend to listen before class!
Teacher:  Ksenia Parkhatskaya
Requirements: Level = Advanced Solo Jazz dancers

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