Theme Track

Full pass holders:  Choose a 4.5-hour theme to focus on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

Something unique about Atlantic Swing Festival is the chance for everyone to express themselves on stage!  Choose your theme, work with your “theme mates” and perform together on Sunday night in the “Dance is Life” show! Or choose the non-routine track and just explore your dance even more!

This track will take place 1.5 hours each day: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  It’s all included in the full pass. You decide which theme you want to explore in those three classes.  Tracks have a minimum level requirement so please read and respect that! You can only choose one theme, so think hard before you sign up! Sign ups on our activities sign up page. 

Party Like it’s 1910!

Lindy Hop is great, but…. there was already a PARTY before Lindbergh hopped the Atlantic.

Learn a routine with some of the different and great historic dances from the 1910s. Peabody, Walts, Foxtrot and some good old fashioned Charleston await you!
Teachers: Martynas Stonys & Alexia Legoueix
Requirements: All levels are welcome here!

Samba – the Other Swing

Samba is a musical style that has many variants and therefore different ways to dance it!  Samba no Pé is danced alone to any kind of samba music, but is best known for being danced to Samba Enredo during Carnival.  The goal is to be agile and fast with the feet though calm through the rest of the body – giving a lightness and charm. Samba de Gafieira is a musical genre coming from the original Samba.  The way of dancing to this music, born from Lundu and Umbigada in which the relationship with the other is the essence of these dances, Samba de Gafieira is the couple dance of this passionate rhythm that is samba.  Although the movement of the Samba de Gafieira undergoes influences of other dances, it carries with itself an original and very peculiar structure. Come try the swingin’ rhythm from Brazil – both solo and partnered, and find a musical style that came from a very similar history to jazz, and find the similarities in dancing and swinging to music born from the heart.  
Teacher: Camila Delphim & Rafael Paixão
Requirements: All levels are welcome here!

Feel the Music

An invitation to let the music flow through your body!  Get to know every part of a song, hum and dance along with the rhythm section, the riffs and the breaks. With a playful mix of Lindy Hop and jazz steps you will express the music with your whole body.

Teachers: Jonatan Hedberg & Anna Rio
Requirements: You should have at least Lindy Hop level 2 or higher.

Fast Steps from Old Clips

Discover a treasure from the old days.  Learn a routine to perform that reflects the joy and playfulness the dancers from Harlem showed us. Fast, fun and challenging!”
Teachers: Nils Nygårdh & Lizette Rönqvist
Requirements: You should have at least Lindy Hop level 3 or higher. You should be comfortable dancing socially to fast music (around 200 bpms).  You’ll need a fixed partner for this one!

Rhythm is our Business

Jazz meets tap or tap meets Jazz. Bring back the shuffles, the stomps, the stamps, ball changes, time steps, breaks, the flaps in the authentic jazz dancing.

Teacher: Fatima Teffahi
Requirements:  Have Solo Level 2 or higher – you need to know the Shim Sham, Big Apple and Trunky Doo in order to put in the rhythms in the classic steps. Or be a very fast solo dance learner!

Jazz Out of the Box

Push your ideas of where jazz could go! This track will not be about basics – it’s about switching up your ideas of what the basics are and creating a space where other inspirations can influence your body, and open our minds about our way of “speaking in jazz.”.  Are you ready to take your jazz out of the box?
Teacher:  LaTasha Barnes
Requirements: Solo Level 3 is recommended – this is going to be challenging.  Jazz vocabulary should already be in your body.  You should be in good physical shape, able to dance at around 220 bpms for 2 minutes and handle more athletic dancing.

Digging Deeper • Non-routine Tasters

You might prefer tasters that aren’t routines.  We’ll have at least one each day – teachers and themes coming soon!

Requirements: All levels are welcome here!
FRIDAY: Arnas & Egle • Matching Your Partner – Matching the Music

Visual, physical and accidental leading & following. Patterns and no patterns. Call & response. Rhythm & time.
SATURDAY: Matt & Abeth • Dancing the Moment

Exploring common musical ideas for inspiration.  When you understand these, you can apply them to innumerable swing songs and find your movement inspiration within the music itself, which is where dancing all begins.
SUNDAY: Teacher TBA • Theme TBA – this one will be a solo class

More coming soon!

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