Swing Lab • Musicians Workshop

Thursday, 8th June, 3:00pm – 7:00pm

Teachers: Martí Elias and Juli Aymi from Barcelona
Estúdio Time Out, Time Out Market Lisboa

SWING LAB is a workshop for jazz musicians who would like to return to the roots of jazz music and understand the language and structure of old-time swing music: danceable jazz music! The goal is to play the kind of jazz that makes everyone in the room want to dance and never stop!

We have two amazing teachers with many years of experience to share with you!  The workshop includes the theory behind early jazz music and its relation to swing dancing, as well as practical work creating arrangements together of music that will swing hard and get people dancing.

Marti and Juli will give you a lot of input about how swing works – about the feeling and the sharing that happens in a band.  They’re going to speak SWING to you and push you to feel that and express that!

At the end of the workshop the musicians will present their work during the last Atlantic Swing Festival party for an international audience!

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  • Origins of swing music
  •  Evolution of jazz music and swing dancing
  • Typical structures of swing musi
  • Articulation and Expression
  • Improvisation on the Melodies
  • Working on 2-3 songs to present in concert on Sunday night


  • Be a jazz musician or student of jazz

  • Minimum age of 13

  • Basic understanding of improvisation

  • Experience playing in a group

  • Have your own instrument

  • Appreciate swing dancing – have an interest in understanding the link between the music and the dance

Possible instruments

Trombone, Trumpet, Upright Bass, Guitar, Drums, Clarinet, Saxophone, Violin, Banjo, Voice, Washboard, Vibraphone, Piano

Minimum of 12 musicians to confirm the Swing Lab

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