12:30 - 12:50

— Healthy Dancing Bodies – Group Warm Up

If you’d like to get your body moving and awake before class together with us, we’re offering these group warm ups where we’ll get our joints moving and our muscles ready for action.

Today Joana Serranho, physiotherapist and tap dancer, is back and will guide us through some daily practices that keep our bodies prepared to dance in order to avoid injuries. You’ll get a good warmup routine for before dancing.

Understanding a bit of our body mechanics and how to take care of our precious bodies is fundamental for any activity. We want to be able to dance for a lifetime! So let’s take care of our beautiful instrument!

VENUE — Lisboa Ginásio Clube, Anjos
13:00 - 18:15

— Classes

Classes for Lindy Hop & Solo Vintage Jazz levels and Theme Tracks!  See the ASF at a Glance page for more details!

Remember that we have an Instagram Contest for the best photo showing our classes at ASF!  Snap and load and like on Instagram!

VENUE — Lisboa Ginásio Clube, Anjos
14:30 - 14:45

— Group Photo for Class Participants

Right after your first class of the day – the Theme Track – run (or walk slowly) up all the stairs until you get to the 5th floor of LGC – the very tippity top of the building!  Out on the terrace we’ll get a group photo of all the ASF class participants with the castle in the background 🙂

Then you get to go and have lunch.  Don’t skip the photo.  Photo first.  Lunch after 😉

VENUE — Lisboa Ginásio Clube, Anjos
18:25 - 18:45

— Healthy Dancing Bodies – Group Stretching

Stretching your body out after the stress of hours of dancing is a good way to signal it to relax and to care for some of those overworked muscles! If you’d like to join us, we’re offering these group stretching sessions where we’ll into some relaxation.

Today Joana’s back to guide us through a good stretching routine for after dancing.

TEACHERS — Joana Serranho
VENUE — Lisboa Ginásio Clube • Metro Anjos
15:30 - 18:30

— Curious Workshop

The second of two 3-hour sessions for people taking their first steps in Lindy Hop!

TEACHERS — Matt Bedell & Carla Frade
VENUE — Estúdio Time Out | Time Out Market Lisboa
22:00 — 05:00

— Evening Party & Dance is Life Show

For our final official party, YOU are the headliners! We’ll be having our Atlantic Dance is Life Show, with all the numbers you’ve been working on in your theme tracks over the weekend.  We absolutely love this – the time when all of our guests have the chance to take the stage!

We’ll be announcing the Instagram contest winners for the Lisbon Tour, ASF Classes and ASF Parties – they’ll be winning some ASF merchandising!

Don’t forget to do your last-minute ASF shopping by the Info Desk!

VENUE —  Estúdio Time Out | Time Out Market Lisboa, Cais do Sodré
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