12:00 — 17:15

— Classes & Cinema Room

Classes for Lindy Hop Levels 1-5 & Solo Vintage Jazz Levels 1-3.  See the class timetable for more details!
Themed Taster Track Classes are the first classes today.
During the lunch hour we will have a cinema room near the entrance where we’ll be showing some interesting videos.

Remember that we have an Instagram Contest for the best photo showing our classes at ASF!  Snap and load and like on Instagram!


VENUE — Lisboa Ginásio Clube, Anjos
17:30 - 20:30

— Curious Workshop

The second of two 3-hour sessions for people taking their first steps in Lindy Hop!

TEACHERS — Abeth Farag & Jose Simões
VENUE — Lisboa Ginásio Clube, Anjos
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22:00 — 05:00

— Evening Party & Dance is Life Show

For our final official party, YOU are the headliners! We’ll be having our Atlantic Dance is Life Show, with all the numbers you’ve been working on in your themed taster tracks over the weekend.  We absolutely love this – the time when all of our guests have the chance to take the stage!

We’ll be announcing the Instagram contest winners for the Lisbon Tour, ASF Classes and ASF Parties – they’ll be winning some ASF merchandising! We’ll also find out who you’ve picked for Boldest Beginner and Frankie Spirit Awards – make sure you vote at the Info Desk by midnight!  They’ll win some party passes to Atlantic Swing Festival 2019!

Don’t forget to do your last-minute ASF shopping by the Info Desk!

VENUE —  Estúdio Time Out | Time Out Market Lisboa, Cais do Sodré
Last year was like this!