Keep an eye open throughout the weekend • Vote on Sunday

We are very happy to be able to give away 2 full passes for Solo Train 2019 for the following awards:

Frankie Spirit Award

Even if you never met Frankie Manning, you surely have seen videos of him or have heard stories. He was someone full of joy and passion for dancing and yet so humble. This award is for the person we see at Atlantic Swing Festival who best embodies the spirit of Frankie Manning. You all will get to vote for that person and we’ll announce the winner on Sunday night. We’ll have a voting box at the info desk just inside the entrance to the party venue. Please vote on Sunday during the day or the first 2 hours of the party (voting closes at midnight). Choose someone who you feel has these criteria:

• someone who is nice to everyone and always says yes when asked to dance
• someone who dances with joy
• someone who is a great ambassador for Lindy Hop
• someone who makes their partner feel like a queen/king
• someone who loves lindy hop and big band era swing music
• someone who is passionate about getting others involved
• someone who is humble
• someone that lifts people’s spirits and makes them happy

Boldest Beginner

This is for a Curious Workshop or Lindy Hop Level 1 participant who shows boldness on the social dance floor and just gets out there and has a good time, dancing with all levels. We know how hard it can be to start dancing and feel intimidated by the dancers with more experience. We want to value the courage it takes to overcome the fear and enjoy the dance, right from the very beginning.
Get to know the students from the beginners groups and vote for the one you feel was the most courageous and unstoppable during the evening dances. Please vote on Sunday during the day or the first 2 hours of the party (voting closes at midnight).