6 Hours of Classes of your Level

+ 4.5-hour Taster Track that you pick!

Improving your solo dance technique will translate directly into improving your overall Lindy Hop skills.  So why not dedicate a weekend to working on rhythm, footwork, balance and fluidity? Become more confident, rhythmical and musical!

During these workshops you’ll explore topics such as Rhythms, Styling, Body Movement, Turns, Historical Jazz

Teachers:  Ksenia, JoYsS, Fatima, Abeth
We’ve tried to give the best description we can for the levels – we suggest that you ask a teacher from your local scene to help you if you are not sure where you belong. The Solo Vintage Jazz classes run at the same time as the Lindy Hop tracks. It’s not possible to do both.


This is probably your your first intensive solo workshop. You’re working on getting control and precision in your basics still – you have some knowledge of basic solo vocabulary like Fall off the Log, Boogie Back & Forward, Suzie Q, Shorty George, Rocks, and Basic Solo Charleston. You have probably already learned the Shim Sham, though maybe you don’t always remember it. So you want to become more comfortable dancing solo and playing with rhythms. You want to get precise in your movements and pick up the more complex vocabulary and sequences like you’ve seen in routines such as the Tranky Doo or the Big Apple.

*If you have no experience in solo Vintage Jazz, this workshop could also be for you as long as you have at least 8-12 months of experience in another solo dance like ballet, modern jazz or hip hop.



At this level of Solo Vintage Jazz, you’ve already got some work under your belt and you’ve worked on “cataloging” your basics.  You definitely could perform the Shim Sham with absolutely no problem and probably the Tranky Doo. Maybe even a bit of the Big Apple, even if you can’t keep all the parts absolutely straight, you at least know some of it!  You’re very solid with all the basic vocabulary but need to work more on improvising and putting in style and rhythmical changes.


— Power

At this level of Solo Vintage Jazz, you know all the main routines in the solo jazz repertoire.  You have already developed your own style and feel comfortable improvising.  You most likely teach solo classes.  You want to be pushed in the way you think about movement and rhythms, routines and improvisation.  You would like to be flashy as well as subtle.  You want to have presence when you dance and compete.  Our teachers will push you in this direction.