How to register with a Partner for ASF2017


Make sure your partner is truly in the same level as you.  If your partner is asked to move to a lower level, you may be asked to move with them.


The lead should register first, marking “yes” when asked if registering with a partner.  After registering and confirming the registration, the lead will receive an ASF registration number by email that he should give to his partner.


The follow then registers, marking “yes” when asked if registering with a partner.  The follow should then input partner’s first name and ASF number (without the “ASF” prefix).  Register and confirm.


You have two separate registrations that are linked in our system.  Paypal payments are made separately during registration.  Bank transfer payments can be made separately or jointly.  If you pay together by bank transfer, be sure that both ASF numbers appear on the transfer information.


• Registering with a partner does not mean you will always dance with that partner.  It’s a way for us to guarantee a good balance between leads and follows in each level and a way for you to guarantee a spot in the class (as long as a level is not completely full).  In classes you will rotate partners.

• Your partner must be the same level as you.  If you sign up for an audition level and your partner is put into a lower level, you may end up in separate levels for the weekend.  In the event that you prefer being in the same level as your partner, you will need to move to the lower level.

• Both of you need to make the payment within one week of registering or you may both risk being canceled.

• If you register as a couple and one of you must cancel (or is canceled for non-payment), the other will have to either find a new partner to take their place (someone who IS NOT already registered) or will have their registration canceled and will need to make a new single registration.  This means they may be put on the wait list if there is one at the time.