14:00 — 18:00

— Beach Trip

You’ve made it to the end of Atlantic Swing Festival! So you’re all danced out and need to chill out a bit before going home? If you can stick around for another day, you should join us at the beach to get some sun and relax!

Don’t want to spend all day swimming in the surf? We’ve chosen Cascais because you can also find plenty of shopping, restaurants with a view, and places to rent bicycles.

Sign up on our activities form on the site (coming soon) for us to get an idea of how many of you will be joining!

MEETING / TIME — Cais do Sodré Train Station (Green Line, street level), 14:00
* We plan to leave on the 14:20 train so don’t be late!
VENUE — Praia da Duquesa, Cascais
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20:00 — 22:00 / ???

— Santos Swing • After Party & Santos Populares

Just a bit more dancing before saying goodbye! We’ll be heading to Largo do Intendente, joining in the festivities of the biggest street festival in Lisbon – St. António and the Festas dos Santos Populares!

You’re going to experience Lisboa in the most traditional way possible – traditional music and dances, sardines being grilled on every street corner, parades, and more!

Swing music from 8:00pm – 10:00pm
After 10:00pm we’ll take off to tour the city and see the various “arraias” and you’ll get the true flavor of Lisboa. The whole city will be out on the streets for this! You WILL probably get lost, so make sure you have a map / GPS and a friend or two to stay with you. And enjoy getting lost and getting found again – it’s going to be a blast!

Thank you to Largo Residências and Junta de Freguesia de Arroios for hosting our after party!


DJ —Abeth Farag
VENUE — Largo do Intendente, in the open air
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This is what St. António (Santos Populares) is like!