Instagram Photo Contests

All Weekend

This weekend will be filled with opportunities for some great photos! And speaking of photo ops, have you heard of our Atlantic Swing Festival Instagram Contests?

Here’s how it will work:

Whenever you take a great photo/boomerang of your time here at Atlantic Swing Festival, upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #atlanticswingfest AND a category below for a chance to win an ASF t-shirt!  There will be four categories and a winner for each!

1. Our Theme: Dance is Life #asf2017danceislife
2. Parties: Forget the Rest & Just Dance #asf2017justdance
3. Class: Learn & Grow #asf2017learnandgrow
4. Social: Making Friends #asf2017makingfriends

What about accessing the Internet? No problem! There’s free wifi both at the class venue, Lisboa Ginasio Clube, and the party venue, Time Out Market Lisboa, so you can upload your photos!

In order to enter the Instagram contest, just snap a photo in one of the categories and add the following hashtags: #atlanticswingfest #asf2017danceislife OR #atlanticswingfest #asf2017justdance OR #atlanticswingfest #asf2017learnandgrow OR #atlanticswingfest #asf2017makingfriends

Winners will be determined by the number of “Likes” on the photos in each category. The victors and will be announced during our closing party on Sunday evening! Your chance to win ASF merchandising!

You can check the Instagram feed here for all current Instagram photos!