DJing evening parties

“To dance is to celebrate the history and the people whose lives shaped the music and the dance we use to express ourselves.

For as far as he can remember, Miguel has always had two left feet. So when he headed over to his first Lindy class, he wasn’t sure what he was getting himself into. Turns out that was a defining moment for him, the moment a newfound passion for dance was born.

This passion quickly escalated, and from the starting point in 2013 up to today, through ups and downs, he’s never looked back, no matter how many left feet he has – after experiencing this contagiously happy dance he was hooked! Driven more and more by the desire to share the joy of swing with as many people as possible, he eventually took up the mantle of DJing, another decision he has yet to regret.

If you can’t find Miguel sharing deliciously groovy tunes, you’re sure to find him somewhere on the dance floor. Either way, he hopes to fill these nights with smiles, laughter, and happiness.