Lisbon is rather a small capital city

and it’s easy to get around the centre on foot,

but it has some steep hills!  With that in mind,

here are some tips for getting around in Lisbon

– by subway (Metro), bus + tram (Carris) and taxi.


You can get pretty much everywhere using the metro and bus/tram lines. There are also night buses, which are fewer but reach most central spots in the city. These might come in handy after our parties, which end between 3:00 and 5:00 AM!

Metro timetable: lines run from 06:30 AM to 01:00 AM. You can check the Metro website for metro lines.

Bus timetables: You can check the Carris website for information about bus routes and timetables

“Viva Viagem” [0.50€]: This is a reusable card that you can refill with cash or debit card in the machines at the metro stations. You can use them on metro and Carris (buses and tram).

Prices: A one-hour ticket (if you opt for putting a fixed number of rides on your Viva Viagem card) costs 1.45€. A one-way ride on the metro (if you opt for “zapping” a fixed amount of money on your Viva Viagem card) costs 1.30€. There is also a one-day option for 6.15€.  You can look here for the prices on the website.

NB: When you use “Viva Viagem” (buses, trams or metro) you can change your bus, tram or metro during the next hour without being charged again if you have purchased a trip (and not zapping) . You will, however, be charged a new trip if you change from bus/tram to metro or vice-versa having put only money on your metro card (zapping). When inside the metro system, you may change lines as long as you don’t go through the turnstiles when changing.

* We advise you not to buy bus/tram tickets on the bus or tram itself because it will cost you a lot more!


This may be a good option for the party nights, since the metro closes at 1 AM and though there are night buses, they are few and less regular. The average taxi fare from our party venue to somewhere around the centre of Lisbon is around 6-7€. A taxi can take up to 4 people so try to share one! We’ll have someone at the info desk who can help you get a taxi if you need. Here are some taxi numbers:

Rádio Taxis Lisboa: 218 119 000, 969 531 660, 919 781 000
Cooptaxis: 217 932 756