10:15 — 18:00

— Late Check-in

We’ll be at the ASF Info Desk at Lisboa Ginásio Clube starting at 10:15, so come meet us and get your wristbands and schedule if you arrive too late to do so on Thursday night. You can also buy ASF t-shirts and bags all day!  Or see Marta about getting a personalized pin or postcard!

VENUE — Lisboa Ginásio Clube, Anjos
11:00 - 12:00

— Level Check

If you’re signed up for LINDY HOP LEVELS 2 – 4  make sure you check in on time and get your envelope with your level check ticket.  Take it up to room 2.1 “Melody”.  There our teachers will divide levels 2 – 4 into levels 2 – 5 and give you your wristband based on your level.  When you get your wristband, find our volunteers in the room and tell them which color you’ve been given so we can note that in your registration.  If your partner is put in a different level, you can asked to be put together, but you’ll need to go to the lower level.  For example, if you’re put in 5 and your partner in 4, you can be together in 4.  Or choose to be in separate levels if you’re ok with that.

VENUE — Lisboa Ginásio Clube, Anjos
12:15 - 17:30

— Classes & Cinema Room

Classes for Lindy Hop Levels 1-5 & Solo Vintage Jazz Levels 1-3.  See the class timetable for more details!
Themed Taster Track Classes are the last classes today.
During the lunch hour we will have a cinema room near the entrance where we’ll be showing some interesting videos.

Remember that we have an Instagram Contest for the best photo showing our classes at ASF!  Snap and load and like on Instagram!

VENUE — Lisboa Ginásio Clube, Anjos
18:00 - 20:00

In partnership with the Junta de Freguesia de Arroios, we’re planning a Chill Out Picnic and the good news is it’s a 5-minute walk from the class venue, Lisboa Ginásio Clube! So no excuses! Come out and relax a bit after classes and before getting all spiffy for the party.

We’re going to break out of the swing mood just a wee bit and play some of the greats in soul music! Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Solomon Burke, Etta James, James Brown, and more will be making up the soundtrack for the late afternoon. Who could resist that?!?

Bring some food or buy some at the supermarket in the square. There’s also a kiosk selling some snacks and drinks. And don’t forget some amazing ice cream at the italian gelato shop!  Eat, drink, dance, chill. It’s up to you!

VENUE — Campo Mártires da Pátria
Event on Facebook
22:00 — 23:00

— What About that Swing Talk

The first hour of the party we’ll have a talk about the music we dance to.  Exploring a bit of the history helps to understand the essence of the music and what it tells about our dance.


GUEST SPEAKERS — Martí Elias & Juli Aymi
VENUE — Estúdio Time Out | Time Out Market Lisboa, Cais do Sodré
22:00 — 05:00

— Evening Party

Our second official party!  We’ll also be having our solo competition tonight so get warmed up and bring on the moves! Don’t forget to sing up on our activities form!  You can win a full pass to Atlantic Blues in Porto in February 2018 (there’s an advanced Solo Blues track!) as well as a full pass to come back to Atlantic Swing Festival 2019!

We’ll also have our teachers presentation tonight!

You can get your hair done vintage style by the ladies from La Belle Bombshell.  Don’t forget to go take your photo in our photo booth near the bar!  Remember that we have an Instagram Contest for the best photo showing our parties and our photo booth at ASF!

Keep your eye out for the Boldest Beginner and Frankie Spirit Awards.  You’ll vote for one name for each prize Sunday during classes or at the Sunday party – but you have to vote by midnight at the Info Desk!


LIVE MUSIC — Doc Scanlon’s International All Stars
VENUE — Estúdio Time Out | Time Out Market Lisboa, Cais do Sodré
Last year was like this!