Bump Up Your Bal

Thursday afternoon, 6th June, 3 hours (time to be confirmed)
Teachers: Martynas Stonys & Abeth Farag
LGC – Anjos

BUMP UP YOUR BAL is an intense workshop on Thursday to work on improving your Balboa skills, particularly in rhythm, transitions and flow. You’ll dance in and out of Pure Bal and Bal-Swing, working on understanding how you as a dancer can be in rhythm and play with rhythm, keeping a nice flow as you move together with your partner.
This is an add-on:  you can do this workshop in addition to your full pass or party pass to add more to your Atlantic Swing Festival experience.
Prices on the prices page. 


• You should be dancing Balboa in classes and socially for at least a year, preferably more.
• Be comfortable with your basic rhythms and patterns:  upholds, downholds, progressives, paddle turns, crab walks, shuffles, out & ins, come arounds, lolly-kicks, toss outs, texas tommy
• You feel comfortable working on details in Balboa

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