Shakin’ All • Saturday night

Music is . . . “Passion spontaneously personified, thus inspired by and inspiring others

Nicolle Rochelle was born in New Jersey, not far from the famous «City of Lights». She quickly found her place in the world of showbusiness when she began singing, dancing, and acting professionally at the age of 7 years old in theatre, musical theatre, tv series, and film.

She worked with big names such as Ringo Starr, James Earl Jones, Joe Morton, Alan Alda, Debbie Allen, and Liev Schreiber before earning a Linguistic Anthropology degree from the Ivy-League Institution Brown University and then moving to Europe in order to star as Josephine Baker in the stage musical « Looking for Josephine» created by well-known French director Jerome Savary.

After a successful international tour of 4 years, Nicolle decided to stay in Europe and sing traditional French music, jazz, blues, boogie woogie, electroswing, funk, pop and soul in a different groups that you can find listed on her website

Presently on tour or in her new hometown of Paris, Nicolle continues to be both a mover and a shaker, practicing and performing steps of samba, swing, reggaeton, house, authentic jazz, and contemporary dance wherever and whenever she can.